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From: Comments: I am new to fluorocarbon this year and decided to try this on my big cranking outfit.

Great castability and for getting the baits down deeper.

After about 3 weeks with the 10lb test, my line snapped twice in one day, not at the knot either. Sure it gets ripped up but the fish come to the boat...tried a good many and this is a repurchase year after year.

Maybe just a bad batch but I probably won't buy again. From: Comments: Use this and invinzx exclusively for fluro. I don't know what is going on with some others' breakage problems but you need to check some of your fundamentals because it is not the line.

They last longer for me when changing them out for tournament season. Caught 30 Largemouth on the 8lb today, never retied & never broke off. From: Comments: This line is like every other brand of floro ive tried over the last several months. And I'm not talking about straight pulls or hooksets. Used KVD line conditioner (excellent product) From: Comments: Great line! Use Red Label for manageable line and Abrazx for a powerful line.

If you ever get a small backlash, and who doesn't when flipping and skipping docks, any small kinked spot in the line is the next breaking place. From: Comments: I use it cranking in 10lb and 12lb and I have had zero problems with this stuff, I religiously use KVD line conditioner and I feel that does improve the performance of the line. Guys either you work for another company or just DON'T want other people to use this amazing line. Only a month after I put it on the reel it started to deteriorate.

No fluorocarbon will be strong after being kinked up by a backlash. From: Comments: After trying that red label and being totally pissed off at it, it took a few years to try another Seaguar product. I pitched all day yesterday, having fish run me thru some gnarly junk and it held up.

Having said that, this is the most abrasion resistant fluorocarbon I've used. I have 8lb to 20lb and have 0 issues with any of them. It had been on that reel a month before use, and I couldn't tell. When I hung my bait deep down in something I couldn't get the retriever to get back, I couldn't break this stuff! From: Comments: I have been using 10lb Abraz X for cranking for at least 5 years now & have had zero issues with it.

Love the sensitivity, invisibility and straight pull strength, but the in- spool break-offs are unacceptable. Overall I give this line two thumbs up and highly recommend it for cranking. For it's money it's well worth every penny and so much more. After spending that much money on line, I am not happy to have to replace it already.(there were no abrasions on my eye hole or reel which would cause the damage) From: Comments: This line is top knotch. I have full confidence in it after I hooked into an 8 lb bass (on 10#) that managed to wrap itself around a pillar on a wooden dock. From: Comments: I use Red Label on my crankbait rods & Abraz X & Inviz X on my flippin sticks. You can spool your reel & the line lasts almost the whole season. Compare this 20lb line to other fluorocarbons on the market & you'll see the difference. From: Comments: I will make this short and simple...

From: Comments: It started out great, cast's great, very sensitive. Was able to work the fish out of that mess thankfully and landed her. New Hampshire's rock filled lakes and smallmouth bass you dream about!

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