Who is aj rafael dating

a teaser will be released next big thing was Vegas-- we went for my 21st birthday.we got a huge penthouse suite for one night at Bellagio, had all my friends pitch in, and the next 2 nights my mom got us a penthouse suite at this resort called Cancun which is like 5 mins away from the strip.AJ Rafael (born March 12, 1989) is an American musician of Filipino descent who has self-released two EPs and one album.Originating from Moreno Valley, California, United States, he has toured internationally.Been watching this dude's Youtube vids and listening to his music since middle school & high school. Thanks @moirarachelle4 for making me feel like I wrote the song all over again...To get the opportunity to collab with someone you grew up watching and to get to sing with them not just any song, but your own original song is the ultimate dream.🙌🏽 #Jamuary twitter.com/aj RAFAEL/statu… overwhelmed by the support on this video on You Tube and FB (almost 2M views in one day! thank and i got a new camera, its the Canon Rebel T2i =] so expect some amazing quality videos haha.hopefully the content will be just as good as the picture quality.

i am so thankful to these concert producers and student orgs who put the shows together and are able to fly me out to travel the world, i'm so blessed to be doing this at my age.

I wanted #Jamuary to be a time of discovery, whether it’s new songs or artists you may not have heard before and today I wanna introduce my new friend @barnumichael and his song— Universe! youtu.be/Tc0q Rs Jr Pe U The 10th video for Jamuary coming out at 8 tonight, to me, is the epitome of what I wanted #Jamuary to be!

Jamming with friends, on an original, with a songwriter who is so passionate about his craft and just having fun!!

Some of his influences are pop-rock based and his performances and recordings are generally within this genre.

In 2011, he was nominated to be a part of Billboard’s Battle of the Bands alongside Gentlemen Hall, Otenki, Hotels, Lightning Love and Side by Side.

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